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Gates segment

Save place

Now you have more space in the garage. The gate of the skrętnymi springs you can mount up to cover plates with a height of 10 cm. Saved the space under the ceiling, you can take advantage of it the way you want.

Save power

Without undue effort, slightly, you can open and close the gate manually. Her fluid movement and trouble-free operation is a standard to which the przywykniesz easily.

You gain additional capabilities

In the gate with skrętnymi springs you can apply transitional doors. Convenient solution for communication, without having to open the entire gate.

You feel safe

Torsion springs are secure and reliable mechanism in the gate, equipped with additional protection against uncontrolled opadnięciem coat. It's 100% certainty in any situation.

Gates Rollet


Comfortable handling equipment provides a gate in the actuator. Roletowa Gateway only has electric drive in the basic package is free of charge. Control is via the circuit breakers: internal and external on the key. By ordering additional remote control remote control, regardless of the auras, comfortably and safely drive to the garage. In the event of a power failure, you can open the gate by hand using a crank.


Saving space in the garage and driveway ensures compact design Gates: no ceiling guides and vertical keeping of the mantle. Now saved space on the ceiling, you can take advantage of it the way you want.


The appropriate level of interior lighting and energy saving in a dark room (for example in the garage without Windows) can be obtained by mounting in the gate glazing profiles. The lower Chamber gasket, seals and attached brush seal screwed to the cover plates guarantee less heat losses in the garage.


Use protection system guarantees the photoelectric cells, emergency brake, and optical safety Strip -Thanks to such mechanisms work gateway is under strict control. Emergency brake is fitted as standard to all the gates above the 9 m 2, with the surface, smaller can be equipped with additional safety brake.

Gates tilting

Economical and proven

Our gate NOVUM is the cheapest in its class hinged gate available on the market! Simple, traditional design solutions guarantee a low price, and reliable operation confirmed by satisfied customers.


Efficient use of guarantees and the take-up Springs team self-adjusting rollers. Closing and opening the gate runs reliably, easily and confidently.


Safe use guarantees the team used chassis Springs screening. Two-point, locking the gate closing certainty always gives a clicker, so increases the safety of property.


Long-term use of the gate ensures replacement of welding process are. In all hinged doors door frames are bolted from the closed steel profiles, galvanized, thus eliminated the possibility of any outbreaks.

Global warming, with or without

Better thermal insulation and acoustic insulation in the room provides a warming gates and security from the inside of the PVC panels. While the version without warming an affordable solution for unheated garages.

Gates tilt


The structure of the gate is made of galvanized components, which ensures long use without maintenance.


Certain and easy closing of the room provides a gateway equipment bolts self-locking clips that automatically block the wings in two points.


The gate you can insulate, mount in her transitional doors or grilles.


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Gates segment

Available in dimensions of typical

This allows designers to plan the object dimension gates, which the customer buys at a good price as typical.


The heat transfer coefficient for sectional MakroPro is Uk = 1 .0W/m2K. to ensure good thermal insulation of the room the gate is equipped with a system of seals around the perimeter and in the seal between panels. The coat is made of steel segments of 40 mm thickness, filled with polyurethane foam.

Atypical dimensions

The gates of MakroPro and MakroPro Alu are made to customer specification, dimension is adapted to an existing hole. The gates are available in the dimension range to 8000mm w. and to 5000mm.


The gates are carried out in accordance with the European norms and standards.
At the gates of MakroPro and MakroPro in order to prevent the security guarantee safety Alu secure coat: in the event of damage to the links and, in the case of spring breakage.
At the gates of 100 MakroPro and MakroPro Alu 100 actuator is equipped with a self-locking worm gear, cichobieżną and holding device, which protects against opadnięciem of the gate in the event of a power outage, regardless of speed, direction of rotation or position. It has very good damping properties of the device samokontrolujące at the time of the grip.
For all types of gates with Automatik shall apply: photocell light curtain edge safety Strip sensors, photoelectric cells, signalling lights, etc.


Easy handling and MakroPro Gates MakroPro Alu provides a selection of one of several ways to open the gate: chain gear or corded, compact actuator with control "up-stop-down".
At the gates of 100 MakroPro and MakroPro Alu 100 uses a compact drive with on/off button "up-stop-down". Optionally, you can use: combination lock, magnetic card reader or remote control, etc. Modular control allows connecting other devices that work with gateway, for example. the automatic car wash.

Strong and durable

Structural elements of the gate are made of galvanized steel (guides, connectors) or sheet steel galvanized and coated with polyester (panels). The coat is made of segments with a thickness of 40 [mm].
A guarantee of long-term use is a high-quality panel, available in several versions: full steel segment, segment, segment aluminium steel glass. In segments, we used a special multilayer sheet bending system, which provides a stable mounting hinges.

Smooth and quiet

Rolling rolls, after which moves the coat in the guides are ball-bearing and plastic-coated, suwliwie move in the hinges. Such a system provides smooth, quiet and stable operation.


The ability to customize the type of gate and mounting to the requirements of industrial halls and warehouses guarantees the choice of several basic types. Sectional gates can be fitted in all conditions and in any room.

Well equipped

The gate can be equipped with docking systems in the door to communication. informal samozamykaczem of the transitional Pane or aluminium glass segments provide a constant supply of light from the outside and allow to control the terrain in front of the gate. In the gate can also be used to mount the air vent or exhaust exhaust flap.

Gates Rollet


Roletowa gate is equipped with a standard 3-phase compact cylinder complete with control cartridge "-stop-down", powered by a voltage of 400 V. Modular control allows you to build up its functions with additional elements. Optional equipment include: combination lock, magnetic card reader, the remote control transmitter (remote control).

Corrosion-resistant design

The structure of the gate is built entirely of items protected from corrosion. Sheathing and guides are made of aluminium coated with high quality paints, consoles, and the winding shaft zinc dollies-steel, painted.

With every

To guiding the dark room you might want to think about the gate glass profiles. This solution will save electricity. Thanks to the glass-profiles you can also control the area in front of the gate without opening the case. The ability to mount glass raises the additional aesthetics of execution.


Rolling gate BR-100 due to its compact construction can be mounted in almost any room. Near them can operate other devices such as overhead crane, hoist. The gates are mounted directly behind the hole, do not occupy space in front of the entrance, as well as in a room, and for their installation is only necessary 540mm door!


Safety: optical safety Strip verge, photocells and signalling light. In addition, the actuator is equipped with a crank for emergency opening system and electromagnetic handling equipment (emergency brake). Cassette unit "up-stop-down" provides an easy and efficient service, and her work is always under control.

Gates rape


The structure of the gate is made of galvanized components, which ensures long use without maintenance.

Many possibilities

The gateway can be done in one version or dwuskrzydłowej with any broken wings. In practice, this means freedom in the selection of the different width of the wings, depending on requirements.


The gate you can insulate, mount in her transitional or glazing door ventilation grilles.


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Garnish each window adjust individually to suit your style

One of the most important pieces of equipment Windows are hardware.

Our joinery are equipped with fittings in the Austrian company MACO.

Maco fittings are characterised by outstanding technical qualities, timeless design, elegant and slender line and rounded edges give the link okuciom gentle shape.

Door handles

  • handle Hoppe Tokyo (white, old gold)
  • handle with push button (white, bronze, old gold)
  • handle with key (white, bronze, old gold)
  • handle SECUSTIC HANDLES (white, bronze, silver, gold)
  • flush handle latch
  • door handle (with a logo or no logo redan)
  • handle 2 sided + lock-door (white, veneer 1-or 2-sided)

Cleaning and care

  • PVC cleaner COSMOFEN (5, 10, 20)
  • a set of PVC care (milk, grease, olive)

The rest of the

  • REHAU system mounting anchor
  • built-in door pusher,
  • additional lock
  • incorrect lock order
  • friction brake
  • controlled brake handle
  • order grading mechanism
  • latch for + flush handle
  • rework the wings R on your


Hoppe Tokyo


ROTO Swing

klamki roto

klamki roto 2

klamki roto 3

Hoppe Kalmki Secustic Handles

klamki hoppe 4

klamki hoppe 2

Handles MEDOS

klamki medos

Handle a PLATOON with the button

klamka pluton



Lock open wings:






Cover back on hinges:



Door hinges


Security tabs




The indoor hinge

Unique and exceptional appearance window you get using hidden hinges in the rebate, okuciowym between the casement and sash frame.



Gold line-distinguishing PREMIUM window


The color of the end caps to the drainage systems:


Casement latches:






Sash lift:

podnosnik podnosnik2

Console mounting Assembly in space detection

konsola2 konsola3 konsola1


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Mosquito nets

the best way to protect the premises against insects very commonly occurring during the spring-autumn. Mosquito net provides outstanding protection for persons suffering from allergies stopping plant pollen and dust the ubiquitous around our homes.

Mosquito net ramkowa/flange

The simplest type of mosquito nets. The grid pulled over on the aluminium chassis. Easy and non-intrusive mounting and dismounting from the window or wall. Is fastened with hooks adapted to the thickness of the profile.

Mosquito net roll-up door

Roll-up door mesh in the guides and slides to cassettes, in which is placed the spring samozwijająca, without the need for disassembly for the winter.

The advantages of

  • good protection against insects
  • very easy and fast installation
  • applicable to all types of Windows and doors
  • aesthetic appearance
  • weather resistant design [temperature, UV rays, rain] for trouble-free use
  • protecting pets from falling out of the window


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Diffusers window

These devices are mounted in Windows that lead to the air from the outside in a continuous and controlled. They play a vital role in the proper circulation of air inside the building. Even with sealed Windows to allow fresh air through diffusers in an amount in accordance with the provisions in force. Diffusers work unattended and automatically, you do not need power, not wyziębiają of the premises as window rozszczelnienia, protect against excessive noises from outside.


Diffusers designed for PVC, wood and aluminium. The flow of air diffusers is 5-35 m3/h. you can mount them in new and existing ones. The stream of air flow is determined by the water vapour content (relative humidity) inside the room. from air pollution resulting from actions like washing, cooking, drying, etc.


Diffusers designed for PVC and wooden (2MO Rotary is designed also for aluminium). You can mount them in new and existing ones. The amount of air supplied depends on the difference in pressure inside and outside the room. This is the level at which the diffuser performance differential pressure reaches maximum value. While continuing to increase the flap deflected limiting the amount of air admitted. This can be caused by, for example. breeze. The user has the option to close the aperture by reducing the flow of air to a minimum.

Manually controlled

Diffusers designed for PVC and wood. You can mount them in new and existing Windows. The amount of air supplied depends on the position of the aperture. The user is governed by the degree of opening of the Rotary, in deciding the amount of air supplied is manually by changing the position of the Rotary throttle. Diffusers manually operated most commonly used are in places where laws limit the use of diffusers and higrosterowanych, for example. in the case of bringing air into the living quarters of gas devices such as stoves, heaters, thermal.


All AERECO diffusers are available in three basic colours: white – RAL 9003, Maroon-RAL 8017,-RAL 8001. There is a possibility of varnishing of ventilators, hand-controlled and hoods to any RAL color.

  • 2AMO 4 kolory
    2AMO 4 colours
  • AERECO EXR 5 kolorów
    AERECO EXR 5 colors
  • AMO 4 kolory
    AMO 4 colours
  • EMM 5 kolory
    EMM 5 colors


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Glass ornamental

The use of absorptive glass ensures the flow of light into the Interior of the room, protecting them at the same time before prying glances. Thanks to such solution get scattered light and image without clear contours, which guarantees discretion persons inside. Due to these properties, ornamental glass can be used not only on Windows, but also in drywall walls, balconies, widely used in glass or petient controls door.

  • Szklo ornamentowe Altdeutsch
  • Szklo ornamentowe Crepi
  • Szklo ornamentowe Kathedral
  • Szklo ornamentowe Kathedral brąz
    Kathedral bronze
  • Szklo ornamentowe Kora silivit
    Bark silivit
  • Szklo ornamentowe Kora silivit brąz
    Silivit bark Brown
  • Szklo ornamentowe Listral
  • Szklo ornamentowe Mastercarre
  • Szklo ornamentowe Masterlens
  • Szklo ornamentowe Masterpoint
  • Szklo ornamentowe Monumental m
    Monumental m
  • Szklo ornamentowe Monumental s
    Monumental s
  • Szklo ornamentowe Waterdrop
  • Szklo ornamentowe Zbrojak


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Ornaments PVC REDAN

They are made of hard PVC with a smooth, shiny surface. Their application are mainly Windows that require implementation at the old, ornate and Renaissance style.

  • ozdoba 01
  • ozdoba 02
  • ozdoba 03
  • ozdoba 04
  • ozdoba 05
  • ozdoba 06
  • ozdoba 07
  • ozdoba 08
  • ozdoba 09
  • ozdoba 10
  • ozdoba 11
  • ozdoba 12
  • ozdoba 13
  • ozdoba 14
  • ozdoba 15
  • ozdoba 16

parapaty wew

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Inner sill is an important element of Interior

In our offer you will find the sills respected manufacturers. Each of them specializes in the manufacture of window sills of different materials, which allows you to make the best choice satisfying the personal needs. In addition, there is also a wide range of colours.

Rehau (PVC)

Sills are made of PVC profiles Chamber REHAU, covering the width of the range from 100 to 650 mm. Outer surface of the sill is high quality loudspeaker laminate melaminowych resin, of which 6 designs available is up to date!

Sills brochure (.PDF)

The use of REHAU Interior sills

  • sills REHAU may be used in conjunction with Windows, plastic, wood and aluminium
  • in conjunction with the REHAU systems and their installation is extremely simple
  • You can use the windowsills of buildings emerging, and restoration

Baumal (MDF)

MDF is a modern, high-quality product drewnopochodny, formed as a result of sprasowania small wood fiber with organic compounds combining and utwardzających, under conditions of high pressure and temperature. This is a material of uniform density and composition throughout the primary. Is the perfect substitute for natural wood and stripped is a natural imperfections usually found in wood, such as knots and cracks. Windowsill inner is made from MDF. Is entirely protected against moisture, and is covered with high-quality lacquer.

We offer windowsills MDF lacquered, veneered and foiled.


Construction services and stone-carving Jan Zybert is experienced, ambitious and rapidly growing company acting since 2000 has gained experience in the implementation of various objects, and its technical potential allows you to take out every task in support of the use of natural stones, i.e.. marble and granite. In our offer there are sills of natural stone (marble, granite) and marble conglomerates-a material which has a physical-mechanical parameters of the similar, and often in excess of natural stone in its composition.

parapety zewnętrzne

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Sill outside is essential to give the window. Primarily protects the wall against flowing water, and the same against moisture and dirt.

In our offer you will find external sills respected manufacturers. Each of them specializes in the manufacture of window sills of different materials, allowing you to make the best choice satisfying the personal needs. In addition, there is also a wide range of colours.


Designed for Windows with PVC, wooden and made of aluminium. Good quality at an affordable price. Aesthetic and durable (resistant to weathering). Well fitted to protect the fronts of buildings and discharge the water. Moisture resistant, stain, non-flammable, resistant to chemicals and cleaning products used in the home. Steel window sills are made of galvanized sheet steel with a thickness of 0.75 mm are coated, after ocynkowaniu, in modern, continuous coil coating line coating (coil coating) to ensure getting a variety of types of polyester coating. Window sills made of steel, galvanized and coated are covered with a polyethylene protective surface against damage to decorative paint. To finish off we sill from PVC plugs.


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Roller blinds O/w

This practical system that protects us in three ways: fully isolates
thermally, protects privacy and tranquility, as well as provide an effective barrier plates.

Shutters in winter, to a large extent allow you to reduce the cost of heating in summer, when the Sun is shining, and outside there is a high temperature, and cool dimness of giving rest to tired eyes.


Housing made of aluminium rolling shutters with cover from the front of the roller shutter box set review. The box mounted on the wall (without interfering in the light of the window) or window recess (interference in the light of the window). The system is used for wall-mounted roller shutters in new buildings and modernising existing ones.

Available colors

  • White
  • Brown Jamaica
  • Gray
  • bright bronze
  • Beige light
  • Silver
  • anthracite
  • Golden oak
  • Walnut
  • Mahogany


Blinds in półokrągłej, the system which is designed mainly for use in existing buildings. In each of the roller blind systems tape is your aluminium placed on the wall or mounted in the ościeżach. The box is then fitted a decorative element to the look of the building. Application of working regardless of the roller system protects the Interior of the building in addition to Moskito insect, while preserving the access of light and air.

Available colors

  • White
  • Brown Jamaica
  • Gray
  • Bronze
  • Silver


Flush system is designed for use primarily in the newly raised buildings, but also in already existing facilities once the necessary changes within the lintel. Blinds in INTEGRO system integrated in the façade of the building providing an integral part thereof. Other elements or review and guides cover can be color-matched to the colors. The proposed system allows you to apply optimal solutions architects and developers.
Available colors and sizes of boxes

Box 150 mm, 180 mm, 205 mm (audio and supporting the standard white and Brown)

New: audio and supporting profile in Golden Oak veneer and Walnut

The colors of the standard profiles

Silver, white, gray, ciemnobeżowy, beige, dark wood, dark brown, Brown, creamy white, ivory, red, mahogany, walnut, Golden oak

Custom color profiles

clear, yellow, red, green, green, blue, steel jodłowa, Burgundy, black, light gray


On podtynkowym there is also a version with a grid against insektową, which allows the user to effective protection against insects while maintaining the flow of light and fresh air to the inside. In addition, the modern design of the boxes in the system of INTEGRO allows you to perform maintenance and service on the mechanics of the blinds without interfering with the privacy of the household.


Control of blinds can be done manually or by electric drive connected to the control system, which allows their comfortable service.

Anti-burglar blinds

Anti-burglary blinds system is targeted to persons for whom it is important to ensure the immediate safety. As a manufacturer of shutters, we decided to go a step further and offer our customers a product that not only will the perfect decorative element, but at the same time will give effective protection against tampering.
Modern design, functionality, ease of installation and maintenance, as well as aesthetic appearance will match shutters to the requirements of the building and the colour of the façade. In this type of products in the individual elements of the guides have special strengthening, which prevents the tilt and their profiles section. In addition, robust construction, respectively, curtain blinds prevents its damaged during impact. In addition, the use of special ball blocking prevents the increase of the closed curtain, which ensures effective protection of your home. Roller blinds are made from aluminum, which is characterized by lightness, resistance to weather conditions and ease in maintenance. During our absence they protect Windows and balcony in front of the eyes of potential burglars, and our possessions from theft. Due to the isolation of osłonimy well as home interiors from excessive sunlight and excessive temperature.


Robust design of curtain blinds, reinforced design guides, before lifting the locking hooks.


Anti-theft blinds you can adjust to different systems in which the armor is a collapsible aluminum box, placed on the wall or in the jambs. Applied technologies as well as smart design allow for the installation of the mailbox to be the least visible. Large selection of adaptive systems enables them to fit the aesthetic of the façade of the House.


The profiles are available in a wide colour range, so that they can be perfectly adapted to fenestration.

Roleta naokienna

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Roller blinds naokienne

The blinds are designed with a view to improving the energy balance of the building.

In addition, thanks to smartly and appropriately materials shutters provide effective protection against unwelcome guests. Make the House becomes a place where we feel at ease, safe, to which we are happy to come back to after a long day, knowing that you can always find serenity and shelter.

Roller shutter casing made of PVC with cover from the bottom of any review or face the roller shutter box. Sandbox applied to the window, and then with it installed in the window recess. The possibility of different variants, including buildings total (boxes with review from the bottom). The system is used for window roller shutters in new buildings and modernising existing ones.

Adjustable roller system Vegas Revo a new suggestion for all who appreciate modern insulating sleeves. Extremely easy and user-friendly installation, through a series of innovative solutions that are deployed, the system saves time for the submission of required Revo Vegas fully functional. Reliable in use, will bring satisfaction with your purchase to the final as well. Excellent quality constructional system and their thick walls ensure the rigidity of the box and the eccentric connecting box ensures high tightness and durability of its construction. This option allows some anchors mounting fix the blinds to the lintel, providing the effect of stiffening the structure and one ATR with anastomoses.
Creating sets of roller shutters using the divisions yet to be has never been so easy. Thanks to the universal adapters load the system allows for easy roller set execution Revo at different heights in the same box. Access to the Interior of your Revo system was ensured thanks to the folding of the audit lapel with comfortable grip, allowing you to open without the use of tools. Revo system has all the legally-required certificates and certificates including certificate of conformity, certificates, thermal transmittance and resistance to wind (6th class), and hygenic NIH.

Revo system is available in two sizes boxes

165 mm x 240 mm ' and 205mm x 240 mm '