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Gates segment

Available in dimensions of typical

This allows designers to plan the object dimension gates, which the customer buys at a good price as typical.


The heat transfer coefficient for sectional MakroPro is Uk = 1 .0W/m2K. to ensure good thermal insulation of the room the gate is equipped with a system of seals around the perimeter and in the seal between panels. The coat is made of steel segments of 40 mm thickness, filled with polyurethane foam.

Atypical dimensions

The gates of MakroPro and MakroPro Alu are made to customer specification, dimension is adapted to an existing hole. The gates are available in the dimension range to 8000mm w. and to 5000mm.


The gates are carried out in accordance with the European norms and standards.
At the gates of MakroPro and MakroPro in order to prevent the security guarantee safety Alu secure coat: in the event of damage to the links and, in the case of spring breakage.
At the gates of 100 MakroPro and MakroPro Alu 100 actuator is equipped with a self-locking worm gear, cichobieżną and holding device, which protects against opadnięciem of the gate in the event of a power outage, regardless of speed, direction of rotation or position. It has very good damping properties of the device samokontrolujące at the time of the grip.
For all types of gates with Automatik shall apply: photocell light curtain edge safety Strip sensors, photoelectric cells, signalling lights, etc.


Easy handling and MakroPro Gates MakroPro Alu provides a selection of one of several ways to open the gate: chain gear or corded, compact actuator with control "up-stop-down".
At the gates of 100 MakroPro and MakroPro Alu 100 uses a compact drive with on/off button "up-stop-down". Optionally, you can use: combination lock, magnetic card reader or remote control, etc. Modular control allows connecting other devices that work with gateway, for example. the automatic car wash.

Strong and durable

Structural elements of the gate are made of galvanized steel (guides, connectors) or sheet steel galvanized and coated with polyester (panels). The coat is made of segments with a thickness of 40 [mm].
A guarantee of long-term use is a high-quality panel, available in several versions: full steel segment, segment, segment aluminium steel glass. In segments, we used a special multilayer sheet bending system, which provides a stable mounting hinges.

Smooth and quiet

Rolling rolls, after which moves the coat in the guides are ball-bearing and plastic-coated, suwliwie move in the hinges. Such a system provides smooth, quiet and stable operation.


The ability to customize the type of gate and mounting to the requirements of industrial halls and warehouses guarantees the choice of several basic types. Sectional gates can be fitted in all conditions and in any room.

Well equipped

The gate can be equipped with docking systems in the door to communication. informal samozamykaczem of the transitional Pane or aluminium glass segments provide a constant supply of light from the outside and allow to control the terrain in front of the gate. In the gate can also be used to mount the air vent or exhaust exhaust flap.

Gates Rollet


Roletowa gate is equipped with a standard 3-phase compact cylinder complete with control cartridge "-stop-down", powered by a voltage of 400 V. Modular control allows you to build up its functions with additional elements. Optional equipment include: combination lock, magnetic card reader, the remote control transmitter (remote control).

Corrosion-resistant design

The structure of the gate is built entirely of items protected from corrosion. Sheathing and guides are made of aluminium coated with high quality paints, consoles, and the winding shaft zinc dollies-steel, painted.

With every

To guiding the dark room you might want to think about the gate glass profiles. This solution will save electricity. Thanks to the glass-profiles you can also control the area in front of the gate without opening the case. The ability to mount glass raises the additional aesthetics of execution.


Rolling gate BR-100 due to its compact construction can be mounted in almost any room. Near them can operate other devices such as overhead crane, hoist. The gates are mounted directly behind the hole, do not occupy space in front of the entrance, as well as in a room, and for their installation is only necessary 540mm door!


Safety: optical safety Strip verge, photocells and signalling light. In addition, the actuator is equipped with a crank for emergency opening system and electromagnetic handling equipment (emergency brake). Cassette unit "up-stop-down" provides an easy and efficient service, and her work is always under control.

Gates rape


The structure of the gate is made of galvanized components, which ensures long use without maintenance.

Many possibilities

The gateway can be done in one version or dwuskrzydłowej with any broken wings. In practice, this means freedom in the selection of the different width of the wings, depending on requirements.


The gate you can insulate, mount in her transitional or glazing door ventilation grilles.