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Garnish each window -fit individually to suit your style.

A wide selection of window handles that makes everyone's right for you. There are the standard handles, lockable, with a button for sliding doors. All door handles come in many color variations to match the color of the joinery. Highlight your modern window handle Hoppe, Medos or MACO.

Door handles

  • handle Hoppe Tokyo (white, old gold)
  • handle with push button (white, bronze, old gold)
  • handle with key (white, bronze, old gold)
  • handle SECUSTIC HANDLES (white, bronze, silver, gold)
  • flush handle latch
  • door handle (with a logo or no logo redan)
  • handle 2 sided + lock-door (white, veneer 1-or 2-sided)

Hoppe Tokyo


ROTO Swing

klamki roto

klamki roto 2

klamki roto 3

Hoppe Kalmki Secustic Handles

klamki hoppe 4

klamki hoppe 2

Handles MEDOS

klamki medos

Handle a PLATOON with the button

klamka pluton