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Mosquito nets

the best way to protect the premises against insects very commonly occurring during the spring-autumn. Mosquito net provides outstanding protection for persons suffering from allergies stopping plant pollen and dust the ubiquitous around our homes.

Mosquito net ramkowa/flange

The simplest type of mosquito nets. The grid pulled over on the aluminium chassis. Easy and non-intrusive mounting and dismounting from the window or wall. Is fastened with hooks adapted to the thickness of the profile.

Mosquito net roll-up door

Roll-up door mesh in the guides and slides to cassettes, in which is placed the spring samozwijająca, without the need for disassembly for the winter.

The advantages of

  • good protection against insects
  • very easy and fast installation
  • applicable to all types of Windows and doors
  • aesthetic appearance
  • weather resistant design [temperature, UV rays, rain] for trouble-free use
  • protecting pets from falling out of the window