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Diffusers window

These devices are mounted in Windows that lead to the air from the outside in a continuous and controlled. They play a vital role in the proper circulation of air inside the building. Even with sealed Windows to allow fresh air through diffusers in an amount in accordance with the provisions in force. Diffusers work unattended and automatically, you do not need power, not wyziębiają of the premises as window rozszczelnienia, protect against excessive noises from outside.


Diffusers designed for PVC, wood and aluminium. The flow of air diffusers is 5-35 m3/h. you can mount them in new and existing ones. The stream of air flow is determined by the water vapour content (relative humidity) inside the room. from air pollution resulting from actions like washing, cooking, drying, etc.


Diffusers designed for PVC and wooden (2MO Rotary is designed also for aluminium). You can mount them in new and existing ones. The amount of air supplied depends on the difference in pressure inside and outside the room. This is the level at which the diffuser performance differential pressure reaches maximum value. While continuing to increase the flap deflected limiting the amount of air admitted. This can be caused by, for example. breeze. The user has the option to close the aperture by reducing the flow of air to a minimum.

Manually controlled

Diffusers designed for PVC and wood. You can mount them in new and existing Windows. The amount of air supplied depends on the position of the aperture. The user is governed by the degree of opening of the Rotary, in deciding the amount of air supplied is manually by changing the position of the Rotary throttle. Diffusers manually operated most commonly used are in places where laws limit the use of diffusers and higrosterowanych, for example. in the case of bringing air into the living quarters of gas devices such as stoves, heaters, thermal.


All AERECO diffusers are available in three basic colours: white – RAL 9003, Maroon-RAL 8017,-RAL 8001. There is a possibility of varnishing of ventilators, hand-controlled and hoods to any RAL color.

  • 2AMO 4 kolory
    2AMO 4 colours
  • AERECO EXR 5 kolorów
    AERECO EXR 5 colors
  • AMO 4 kolory
    AMO 4 colours
  • EMM 5 kolory
    EMM 5 colors