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Inner sill is an important element of Interior

In our offer you will find the sills respected manufacturers. Each of them specializes in the manufacture of window sills of different materials, which allows you to make the best choice satisfying the personal needs. In addition, there is also a wide range of colours.

Rehau (PVC)

Sills are made of PVC profiles Chamber REHAU, covering the width of the range from 100 to 650 mm. Outer surface of the sill is high quality loudspeaker laminate melaminowych resin, of which 6 designs available is up to date!

Sills brochure (.PDF)

The use of REHAU Interior sills

  • sills REHAU may be used in conjunction with Windows, plastic, wood and aluminium
  • in conjunction with the REHAU systems and their installation is extremely simple
  • You can use the windowsills of buildings emerging, and restoration

Baumal (MDF)

MDF is a modern, high-quality product drewnopochodny, formed as a result of sprasowania small wood fiber with organic compounds combining and utwardzających, under conditions of high pressure and temperature. This is a material of uniform density and composition throughout the primary. Is the perfect substitute for natural wood and stripped is a natural imperfections usually found in wood, such as knots and cracks. Windowsill inner is made from MDF. Is entirely protected against moisture, and is covered with high-quality lacquer.

We offer windowsills MDF lacquered, veneered and foiled.


Construction services and stone-carving Jan Zybert is experienced, ambitious and rapidly growing company acting since 2000 has gained experience in the implementation of various objects, and its technical potential allows you to take out every task in support of the use of natural stones, i.e.. marble and granite. In our offer there are sills of natural stone (marble, granite) and marble conglomerates-a material which has a physical-mechanical parameters of the similar, and often in excess of natural stone in its composition.