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Roller blinds O/w

This practical system that protects us in three ways: fully isolates
thermally, protects privacy and tranquility, as well as provide an effective barrier plates.

Shutters in winter, to a large extent allow you to reduce the cost of heating in summer, when the Sun is shining, and outside there is a high temperature, and cool dimness of giving rest to tired eyes.


Housing made of aluminium rolling shutters with cover from the front of the roller shutter box set review. The box mounted on the wall (without interfering in the light of the window) or window recess (interference in the light of the window). The system is used for wall-mounted roller shutters in new buildings and modernising existing ones.

Available colors

  • White
  • Brown Jamaica
  • Gray
  • bright bronze
  • Beige light
  • Silver
  • anthracite
  • Golden oak
  • Walnut
  • Mahogany


Blinds in półokrągłej, the system which is designed mainly for use in existing buildings. In each of the roller blind systems tape is your aluminium placed on the wall or mounted in the ościeżach. The box is then fitted a decorative element to the look of the building. Application of working regardless of the roller system protects the Interior of the building in addition to Moskito insect, while preserving the access of light and air.

Available colors

  • White
  • Brown Jamaica
  • Gray
  • Bronze
  • Silver


Flush system is designed for use primarily in the newly raised buildings, but also in already existing facilities once the necessary changes within the lintel. Blinds in INTEGRO system integrated in the façade of the building providing an integral part thereof. Other elements or review and guides cover can be color-matched to the colors. The proposed system allows you to apply optimal solutions architects and developers.
Available colors and sizes of boxes

Box 150 mm, 180 mm, 205 mm (audio and supporting the standard white and Brown)

New: audio and supporting profile in Golden Oak veneer and Walnut

The colors of the standard profiles

Silver, white, gray, ciemnobeżowy, beige, dark wood, dark brown, Brown, creamy white, ivory, red, mahogany, walnut, Golden oak

Custom color profiles

clear, yellow, red, green, green, blue, steel jodłowa, Burgundy, black, light gray


On podtynkowym there is also a version with a grid against insektową, which allows the user to effective protection against insects while maintaining the flow of light and fresh air to the inside. In addition, the modern design of the boxes in the system of INTEGRO allows you to perform maintenance and service on the mechanics of the blinds without interfering with the privacy of the household.


Control of blinds can be done manually or by electric drive connected to the control system, which allows their comfortable service.

Anti-burglar blinds

Anti-burglary blinds system is targeted to persons for whom it is important to ensure the immediate safety. As a manufacturer of shutters, we decided to go a step further and offer our customers a product that not only will the perfect decorative element, but at the same time will give effective protection against tampering.
Modern design, functionality, ease of installation and maintenance, as well as aesthetic appearance will match shutters to the requirements of the building and the colour of the façade. In this type of products in the individual elements of the guides have special strengthening, which prevents the tilt and their profiles section. In addition, robust construction, respectively, curtain blinds prevents its damaged during impact. In addition, the use of special ball blocking prevents the increase of the closed curtain, which ensures effective protection of your home. Roller blinds are made from aluminum, which is characterized by lightness, resistance to weather conditions and ease in maintenance. During our absence they protect Windows and balcony in front of the eyes of potential burglars, and our possessions from theft. Due to the isolation of osłonimy well as home interiors from excessive sunlight and excessive temperature.


Robust design of curtain blinds, reinforced design guides, before lifting the locking hooks.


Anti-theft blinds you can adjust to different systems in which the armor is a collapsible aluminum box, placed on the wall or in the jambs. Applied technologies as well as smart design allow for the installation of the mailbox to be the least visible. Large selection of adaptive systems enables them to fit the aesthetic of the façade of the House.


The profiles are available in a wide colour range, so that they can be perfectly adapted to fenestration.