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High insulation value
thermal and acoustic

This is a door system with high thermal insulation of construction trójkomorowej. The depth of the structural properties of the door shall be, respectively: 70 mm for frames and sash. So the depth of the adopted profiles wings and frame give the effect of zlicowanych surface profiles and allow you to get a slender and sturdy structures. Expansion joint profiles are also available from the door wings, which allow to avoid the phenomenon of thermal bending the door wings with large dimensions.

System MB-70/MB-70HI is characterized by a low value of heat transfer coefficient Uf-1.03 W/m2K. This is important in an age of increasing requirements for energy management and environmental protection. The system uses the "Omega"-shaped thermal breaks profiled with a width of 24 mm glass fibre reinforced polyamide 66. This allows you to obtain high thermal and acoustic insulation.

The advantages of the system

  • the diversity of functions of the doors, adapted to the needs of users
  • the possibility of bending of profiles
  • various aesthetic solutions, which gives a version of the "stalopodobnym" Industrial and side to being in three types: Standard, Prestige, styles
  • The possibility of glazing szybowymi packages ranging from 15 to 51 mm
  • 1 or 2 door-opening doors, opening outwards or inwards, as well as the door. "safe przymykiem"
  • structures adapted to the various types of fittings, hidden hinges and hinges for
  • innovative solution for the seals. dwukomponentowej construction of EPDM synthetic rubber
  • the possibility of two construction: profiles can have a different color from the outer and inner side of the other
  • the possibility of the CE marking