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Redan Thermo Trend

We present you new window profile system designed with geometric elegance and made of high quality PVC. Large Chamber allow you to use reinforcements which give exceptional stability. Our latest work perfectly for both single-family and large investments.

The advantages of the system

  • DECCO profile system
  • System 7 bowl of mounting depth 81 mm with a third central seal-system MD
  • The thickness of the window profiles in the top flight and colour Arctic white
  • Modern design-sharp edges give Windows a modern look
  • Excellent thermal insulation profiles: Uf = 0,97 W/m2(K)
  • 3 glazing package Ug = 0,5 W/m2(K) in the standard
  • Increased safety thanks to the great okuciom MACO MULTI MATIC with anti-break, wing lift and tilt the vicious
  • The heat transfer coefficient for the reference window width. 1230 mm high. 1480 mm Uw = 0,86 W/m2(K)
  • The possibility of obtaining a Uw = 0.70 W/m2K using warm frames swisspacer V, and the contribution of the docieplającego in the frame.
  • The optimum Assembly height profiles for up to 5% more light than competing systems in this class
  • The core profile matched to the color of the decorative film
  • All seals in black-przyszybowa Strip in color white
  • , Gold line "distinguishing Windows REDAN
  • The ability to use thermal pads improves thermal parameters design
  • , Heat, "podparapetowa Strip with seal for easy installation of window sills.