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With the new Windows REDAN on profiles REHAU your home becomes an oasis of warmth, peace and security. Compared with the offer of REHAU window available on the market to provide up to 50% better thermal insulation. This way you will save on heating bills and you'll discover a new living comfort.

Looking for Windows that:

are energy efficient
The most important indicator, which indicates whether the Windows are energy efficient, heat transfer coefficient is the Uw the whole window. Tells us how much of the heat energy flows in one second by a surface of 1 m2, with external and internal temperature difference equal to 1 degree k. Im, its value is less, the heat losses are lower and the window or door is better insulation parameters.The old single-paned windows were Uw factor about 5.8 W/m ². Modern Windows profiles REHAU to Uw-value up to 0.85 in/m ². Extremely important is also the expert installation of Windows. Only properly installed, tight window will allow you to avoid structural damage due to moisture, and filamentous fungi.
provide security
Did you know that close to 80% of the intrusion begins with force the window? Generally we are talking about Windows security, however, we must bear in mind that there is no such Windows with which there would a thief-it depends on his "skills" of tools and time which needs to pass the window. A more appropriate phrase is rugged protection. There are three classes of resistance to burglary: class RC2N – increased protection against burglars using simple tools such as a screwdriver, pliers, wedges and before attempting to break through the kick or balance. Class RC2-a similar level of protection as in the RC2 class intrusion prevention N and Windows are equipped with safety glazing of class 4. Class RC3-means increased protection against sforsowaniem Windows with heavy tools, type crowbars.Opting for Windows with security against intrusion, let us ask of their resistance. In the highest class of RC3, you can order for example, PVC SYNEGO system from REHAU.
protect against noise
Every day we are exposed to noises coming from the outside: cars on the streets, difficult music, road repairs. We must remember that long-running noise is not only tiring, but may be a hazard to health. Choose window, that will provide you and your nearest comfort silence and the appropriate acoustic insulation. Relax, REHAU will restore You, you need to relax.
are diverse in terms of shape and colour
Antracytowe, wood, or perhaps blue? Colors and shapes of the Windows are an important part of home furnishing. Their appearance should highlight the nature of the entire project and blend in with your home space. Colour and surface structures of REHAU window allows you to carry out Your countless ideas.Such are just window REHAU profile SYNEGO. Make it your home becomes an oasis of warmth, and security. Discover what is hidden in the Interior of SYNEGO profiles-for narrow proportions, with a high-performance heat protection (Uw factor to 0.65 W/m2K) applied the depth profiles 80 mm
-For more light in the room
-low deposit 117 mm
-for the use of triple glazing, warm
-place the glazing to 51 mm
-for high thermal insulation
– 7 Chambers in the frame, 6 Chambers in a wing of the
-to ensure reliable protection against drafts and moisture
-enveloped gaskets
-SYNEGO window, thanks to the technology of HDF have a very smooth surface, which hardly settles the dirt
-for even better protection against heat loss parameters
-optional third surface seal (gasket)

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Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?