Patio panels

Comfort and beautiful appearance
for years to come

Innovative solution from REHAU -panels system RELAZZO terrace unites in itself the naturalness of real wood with the advantages of modern polymers. Thanks to such a solution, our terrace will maintain its beautiful appearance for years. RELAZZO in any situation by creating at the same time elegant and full of charm and relaxation.

More than a terrace

Modern terrace is a building element, which meet high requirements. First of all it must be robust and resistant to atmospheric agents. Today, the terrace is an integral part of the building is a representative, first and foremost. Therefore, even after many years should have to be as aesthetically pleasing as on the day of his execution. To meet the expectations of the overlook terrace systems REHAU RELAZZO based on modern composites that without risk, you can specify as the material you've been looking for the 21st century.

RELAZZO is the elegance and beauty of natural wood combined with exceptional strength and impact resistance of plastic. And yet we are dealing here with organic product that can be subjected to a process of recycling. No splinters, the structure and the properties of the lubricant is complemented by commercial catalogue of the characteristics that make them unique product RELAZZO. And rich colors, design, aesthetics is the answer REHAU to high requirements of our customers.

System solutions for demanding

RELAZZO is not just a patio panels. A whole range of products that emphasize the individual character of the building and allow the unusual arrangement of space. Separator screens RELAZZO screen protect from prying eyes in the garden and on the terrace, bringing to them at the same time, lightness, modernity and elegance. RELAZZO screen is a lightweight, openwork design, included in the aluminium frame. Smart Tech connections between panels enables quick and easy installation. The effect of the blinds will create a warm zone, home of the terrace separated the curious glances. In absorbing RELAZZO was a RHOMBUSPROFIL. This profile as the panels terrace were made of composite, which guarantees excellent performance. RHOMBUSPROFIL can be used to trim the elevation and facades, shelters, playgrounds, automotive or fences. This profile can be used with virtually no restrictions. Available colors is perfectly harmonious with the colours of the panels so that RELAZZO connection RELAZZO terrace and RHOMBUSPROFIL will be perfect, elegant whole, giving the property a unique character.

Where appropriate, terrace

The applicability of the panels are so RELAZZO broad as the spectrum of their properties. Landscaping patios, pools, winter gardens, patios, fences, screens exist, sheds, restaurants, and even piers and bridges. RELAZZO terrace system allows you to shape the space according to individual needs and preferences. You can use this to build virtually any terrace – both backyard and which is an element of public space. System RELAZZO perfectly also in such places as the roof garden, pool or patio business. Thanks to a simple working boards and mounting system we can afford to be flexible arrangements, both in terms of the selection of the place and the shape of our terrace. A wide range of colours allows for a perfect fit of the terrace.

Harder from the everyday

Work on the terrace, children's birthday parties, meetings with friends, playing with pets is no longer need to worry about. RELAZZO terrace panels and HONG KONG profiles are made of WPC (Wood Polymer Composite), which provides a unique combination of wood and plastic (polypropylene ECO). RELAZZO composite boards shall contain at least 50% of the home. Thanks to the appearance resemble wood planks, are also as pleasant and warm to the touch. Composite boards forming part of the system RELAZZO, unlike wood, can be issued the lengthy exposure to the Sun without the risk of the emergence of cracks. Retain their aesthetic appearance regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. They are resistant to rot, swelling, abrasion, the formation of scratches and splintering. RELAZZO is a perfect synthesis of unique properties with optics and the structure of the solid wood. These effects are achieved thanks to the development of high-tech recipe, forming the modern composite RAU-WOOD.

Mounting clips system RELAZZO are made from specially coated stainless steel V4A. This material is resistant to water, salt and chlorine, making the terrace with composites can be adjacent to the swimming pools and other bodies of water without the risk of corrosion in its metal elements. High slip resistance RELAZZO panels obtained by the process of brushing. After the path or the terrace with Composites you can walk barefoot safely even when the surface is wet.

Fast, efficient, environmentally

The terraced panels system provides a simple and quick installation. Decking boards are sold in sets containing accessory kit that enables a standalone installation. RELAZZO panels arranged quickly, also, because of their very good dimensional stability. After mounting the terrace immediately, we can use it without any restrictions. Boards do not require sanding, painting, varnishing or oiling. There is no need to maintain the surface of the terrace, just once in a while to wash it down with.

System elements make it not only Assembly does not make problems, but also dismantling, even a single board is fast and non-intrusive. It is worth noting that elements of the composite REHAU are designed in such a way that their subsequent recycling, which in the era of special attention to ecological aspects is very important factor taken into account when choosing materials.

A reliable solution

More than the average properties of both home owners interested in RELAZZO systems, swimming pools terraces or conservatories, as well as architects, designers and investors looking for a modern solution for use in restaurants, hotels, stage or moles. REHAU designing system RELAZZO consistently develops and refines it to obtain more and higher comfort. RELAZZO is any measure of reliability! It's not just the product, design, design space, but also, and perhaps above all, beauty and emotions. The joy of family warmth, peace and security, fun, friendship, laughter is all that is closely related to the moments that we spend on the terraces and in the gardens.

Why REHAU RELAZZO TERRACE is the best choice?

  • produced in Austria, it consists of: 50% European and 50% of coniferous wood of the highest quality, clean polypropylene
  • extremely pleasant to the touch, smell and appearance of natural wood
  • extremely durable and resistant to weather conditions, such as: Frost, snow, rain or Sun
  • easy daily care and maintenance of clean
  • It does not require any maintenance, paint or oil, keeping your performance for many years
  • Unlimited arrangement possibilities and uncomplicated design process
  • No splinters and the pleasure of walking barefoot
  • stability for the years
  • wide color palette (eight fashionable colours)
  • easy installation using screwdrivers and saws for wood
  • high-grade non-slip (R11-R12)
  • eco-friendly, eco-friendly material