Redan Optimum Thermo NEW

Redan Termo Optimum Nowość

Advantages of the system

  • system profiles VITALI PRESTIGE THERM
  • large compartment for proper ventilation and profiles
    drainage of rainwater
  • System 6 cell about the depth of the body of the 86 mm
  • 3 shaft package Ug = 0,5 W/m2K 4/18/4/18/4 with frames
    aluminum standard, thickness 48 mm package
  • increased safety thanks to its excellent okuciom
    MACO MULTI MATIC the anti-break,
    elevator wings and lock wrong order
  • modern secure HOPPE TOKYO
  • heat transfer coefficients UF = 1.0 W/m2(K)
  • heat transfer coefficients of the reference window, 1230 x 1480
    UW = 0.81 W/m2(K)
  • greater rigidity of the structure obtained by applying the
    reinforcement of a closed profile frame. In the Windows
    okleinowanych 2 mm thickness of reinforcement sheets reinforced profiles
  • the MD system with Central gasket (third seal)
  • additional Chamber gasket glazing improves the properties of
    thermal design
  • "Golden line" distinguishing REDAN window
  • gaskets, exposed to atmospheric conditions
    in black, przyszybowa Strip with seal grey
  • podparapetowa Strip for easy mounting of Interior window sills
    and external