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Installation of balcony in the framework programme

One of the great ways to extend the season are light Windows and sliding doors on the framework programme, which are part of any design and shape of the roof, arcades, verandas. Sliding Windows allow you to fully open or close the terrace depending on the current direction of the wind or sunlight.

The framework has the ability to use different fills the thickness of 4 mm to 18 mm, allowing you to fit built-in to user expectations. Recommended, a good solution is to use a sliding aluminum or solid in the glazing 16 mm, which lowers noise and impact positively on the energy balance of the whole obudowanego terrace and adjacent building. Delicate frame wall terrace with large glazing allows you to enjoy the view from the outside, without any experience closing and any dividing line a terrace with a garden.

Thanks to our production, from the terrace you can enjoy until late autumn and in winter, keep on the favorite plants to create a kind of a winter garden. Offered designs are made from the highest quality aluminium and safety glass: laminated or tempered and have appropriate authorisation for use in construction, and the installation is executed directly by the manufacturer or by authorized representatives. Several years experience of our company in the production of systems building balconies and terraces ensures durability and reliability framework systems for your comfort and satisfaction.

Framework for building balconies

Sliding systems are. Window frames are made of aluminium profiles that allow you to apply different kinds of glass. The window, move the two parties and through the use of special bearings this is extremely easy. Special springs make it that none of the Windows will not open by itself under the influence of wind or by unauthorized persons. This is also extra security at a time when the balcony use children. Framework for building the balconies are running well insulating from the rain and wind but not without the possibility of ventilation. Harmonise perfectly systems with our aluminium banisters.

Examples of framework

Zabudowa balkonu Zabudowa balkonu Zabudowa balkonu Zabudowa balkonu