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Façade system Mb-SR50N

System and beam-SR50N-dead-bolt is designed to build and perform light curtain walls hanging type and filling and roofs, skylights and other spatial structures. In accordance with current trends in architecture allows you to zlicowanie profiles poles and transoms on the inner face of the façade and the various versions of external appearance. This system is also the basis for the version with increased thermal insulation MB-SR50N HI + and fire solutions, it is also associated with structures all sorts of Windows: odchylno-wysuwnych, połaciowych and integrated with. Thanks to the variety of solutions based on the façade of the MB-SR50N architects and designers can implement even the most daring ideas regarding the construction of aluminum-glass.

Data technical details

  • posts about the depth: from 50 to 325 mm
  • bolts with a depth: from 5 to 189.5 mm
  • high thermal insulation: Uf from 0.94 W/(m ²)
  • glazing thickness: 24 mm to 56 mm
  • Air permeability: AE 1050, EN 12152
  • water resistance: RE 1200, EN 12154
  • impact resistance: I5/E5, EN 14019

The design of the

  • the angular connection to the free formation of aluminium construction
  • pillars and girders "sharp" edges to build supporting structures of curtain walls with the appearance of a single truss
  • variations of the aesthetic of the façade and a range of transparent profiles of various shapes provide many variants of the image of the façade
  • a wide range of items opened in the façade: various types of Windows and doors, including połaciowe window, the window integrated into the façade, as well as Windows, folding and opened parallel MB-SR50N OW
  • a large range of glazing and isolators and accessories allow you to get a high level of thermal insulation of facades
  • the possibility of bending of profiles and ARC construction