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The roof of the family


provide the required thermal insulation thanks to the thermal break design. Apply intermediate rafters the rafters and extreme, which allow the smoothly combining the vertical walls (without the possibility of przemarzania). Articulated connection in the eaves and Ridge allows you to continuously adjust the angle of inclination of the roof (within the limits of 5 °-45 °). Given the span load-bearing elements are approximate, depend on the spacing of the rafters and wind load zones and snow. There is the possibility of reinforcing the rafters and eaves wsuwanymi inside the relevant profiles aluminum or steel. Also designed an efficient drainage system rainwater from the roof. Apply okapowe profiles with or without gutter gutter. Systems for Roofings REDAN ALIVER are suitable for fillings made of polycarbonate, and multifunctionality. Roofing solutions system winter gardens reduce to a minimum the use of flashings. There are several types of masking strips: simple, rounded, and renovation. It is possible to install both on and under the gutters, profiles and ornamentowych (decorative Combs, ściągi, housing drain pipes).


This is the easiest pool roofing system. System without thermal insulation. Used kind of rafters-profile in the shape of inverted "T" carrier/element above. It is possible to fill it: Polycarbonate or glass glazing single.


It enveloped system allows you to design complex shapes, custom glazed roofings. In this system, the static roof is placed on the outside. over fill. Thus, a smooth, inner slab plane visible inside the garden. It is possible to use different angles of inclination in one slab ceiling.


is enveloped with nieprzeziernymi panels with a thickness of 55 mm.


canopies of Mono-and dwuspadowe, thermally insulated. Rafter 73 mm (and renowacyjna). Bandwidth of the rafters to 2 m (glass) or 2.5 m (polycarbonate). Rafter supported on integrated chute okapowym profile and hinged kalenicowym profile. Seizure of the rafters on the straight flush.


canopies of Mono-and dwuspadowe, thermally insulated. Rafter 105 or 125 mm (normal or renowacyjna). Rafter span: up to 2.5 m (glass) and 3 m (polycarbonate) for 105 mm rafters 3.2 m (glass) and 3.8 m (polycarbonate) for 125 mm okapowe Profiles of the rafters and Crest are specially profiled ledge, on which are based the jammed angle rafters.


canopies of Mono-and dwuspadowe, thermally insulated. Rafter 150 mm (normal or renowacyjna). Bandwidth of the rafters to 3.6 m (glass) or 4.4 m (polycarbonate). The possibility of strengthening the eaves typical of steel profiles, which allows for installation in vertical sliding construction walls or the folding of large dimensions.


roof insulated roofs with complex shapes. Bearing part of the rafters (can) placed on the outside of the roof (above) is a solution to get a flat, the inner surface of the roof. The possibility of connecting lines inclined at different angles, the ability to collapse the rafters. Applied thermal ply Chamber is a good insulating properties. The possibility of using different angles of inclination in the different areas of the roof.

  • Narożnik Aliver 100
    Aliver corner 100
  • Narożnik Aliver 600
    Corner Aliver 600
  • Narożnik Aliver 2000
    Corner Aliver 1000
  • Narożnik Aliver 1000
    Corner Aliver 2000
  • Narożnik Aliver 5000
    Corner Aliver 5000