Enlarged logistics capabilities Redan.

Powiększenie możliwości logistycznych Redan

Expanding the logistics capabilities of Redan We are pleased to announce that our transport fleet has expanded with a new warehouse. Expanding Redan's logistics capabilities will improve the delivery of woodwork to our customers. Taking into account the highest standards of service of our customers and taking care of the shortest delivery times, we decided to purchase a state-of-the-art Mercedes Atego 1224 with low-loader with air suspension. Both

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A New Sugar Factory. Than any other investment.


Since a few weeks we are pleased to participate in a unique implementation of property development in Szczecin. The most important goal of the project is the revitalisation of 11 hectare site of the former sugar factory and breath new life into it. Redan company produced and installs energy-saving Eco technology made joinery Plus external colour anthracite, szybowymi package with, warm frame spacers and

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Opening of the Corso in Świnoujście

Galeria Corso

On Friday June 26 was held the opening ceremony Gallery CORSO in Świnoujście, the implementation of which we had the pleasure to participate. The investment was made by WINSTON SP. z o.o. Gallery CORSO is part of the dominant trend in the market for retail space in which the revitalization of a substantial part of the city centre. Gallery CORSO will offer access to the most extensive in the seaside deals

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Realization of Redan 2015

Realizacje Redan 2015

In the first half of this year, our company implemented a variety of investment topics. We completed the installation of PVC on the projects: WOMP-Szczecin, the TRAM DEPOT-Szczecin, RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS KUSOCIŃSKIEGO-Szczecin, OŚRODEK WCZASOWY "AURORA" – San Francisco, VILLAGES ALGA, coral-Krynica Morska, OŚRODEK WCZASOWY "ADMIRAL" -San Francisco, SHOPPING GALLERY "CORSO"-Świnoujście, Primary School-Lusówko, OFFICE BUILDING "GRYFIA" – Szczecin.

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Redan Optimum Thermo NEW

Redan Termo Optimum Nowość

Advantages of the system profile system VITALI PRESTIGE THERM large Chamber to allow proper ventilation and drainage of rain water system 6 cell with installation depth 86 mm 3 glazing package Ug = 0,5 W/m2K 4/18/4/18/4 of aluminium frames in standard thickness of 48 mm increased safety thanks to the great okuciom MACO MULTI MATIC with anti-break, lift wings and

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The new PREMIUM system to offer Redan

Offer PREMIUM Windows expand with new product: THERMAL OPTIMUM technology ROUND LINE. New energy-efficient system is the perfect complement to our extensive range. With 6-komorowemu profile with installation depth 86 mm with seal and MD and glazing Ug = 0,5 W/m2K, we obtain very low heat transfer coefficient for the whole design.

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Kamienica Vossa-another prestigious realization of Redan

Kamienica Vossa

We finished all the work related to the installation of Windows on the House Vossa. We used in dialog window with increased sound insulation to ensure peace in apartments located on the street. To enhance the standard and the Visual effect of the window have been equipped with modern handles SECUSTIC HANDLES SWING. We have also a glass design windowego shaft with laminated glass and tempered

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Another realization company Redan

Kolejna realizacja

On behalf of Goldbeck assembled in a short time window 660 made in REDAN THERMO CLIMA. When assembling carpentry innovative solution taking into account the thermal pads. The implementation included the supply and installation of joinery with tapes of internal paroszczelnych and external to rehabilitate a deteriorating portion. In connection with the large requirements of heat transfer coefficient which had to satisfy the joinery, REHAU system

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Another prestigious realization company Redan

Inwestycja prestiżowa

We are currently in supply and installation of aluminium window and façade in the service office building in Szczecin. The investor, Alkon, require our products heat-transfer coefficient of aluminium structures of not more than 1, 3W/m2K. window and façade Aluprof system we put in the insulation area which has a beneficial effect on the properties of energy. Glazing are handled using special devices

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CHANGE THE ARCHITECTURE! Installation of balconies company Redan.

ZMIENIAMY ARCHITEKTURĘ! Zabudowy balkonów firmy Redan.

For several days, you can admire the building in Świnoujście, where during the refurbishment have been fitted to the building's balconies REDAN. We in the building more than 120 top balconies with sliding hardened glass wings 4, 8 mm ESG HST. In the lower parts of the body pane has been applied 44.2 MAT security users and delicate eye protection

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Current projects of the company Redan

Aktualne realizacje

REDAN company is currently the supply and installation of Windows on several investments. Projects are carried out in different regions of the Polish. In Krynica Morska finished installation of PVC window carpentry in 6 chambered in two resorts. Szczecin ended Assembly fenestration with increased sound insulation on the estate towards the Sun. We are in a unique

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Redan eighth time awarded "Gazelle of business"

Gazele Biznesu

Redan company already for the eighth time was awarded "Gazelle of business", which is a distinction for the best companies in our country. This award may receive only the companies that for 3 years in a row have achieved growth, not reported any losses and make your financial results. Experienced staff and modern machinery, as well as still

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The largest residential investment in Szczecin with REDAN

Największa inwestycja mieszkaniowa w Szczecinie z oknami REDAN

REDAN company realizes the supply and installation of aluminium and PVC Windows on the largest residential investment in Szczecin is a village towards the Sun. Supply and installation of joinery is in accordance with the timetable and guidelines of the contracting authority. To ensure the comfort of the residents of the building, in the Windows located on the street side towards the Sun is used with increased sound insulation up to 40 dB.

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New Projects

Nowe Realizacje

A wide selection of window systems offered by our company, gives you the ability to match the individual needs of the investor. Lead-free systems greenline REDAN ECO PLUS are provided in Szczecin on the third stage of construction of the estate towards the Sun as well as on the construction of multi-family houses 11 settlements. A wide. In turn, the window on Redan Optimum characterised by

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Aluminium-facades, glass offer REDAN

Elewacje aluminiowo-szklane

The last time we made in Szczecin, more than 1000 m2 building façade made in ALUPROF MB-SR 50 N with low pressure Strip. System with the market gentle moving glass aluminium profile imitating structural system. In the performed projects we have modern systems smoke exhaust and aeration with private accommodation reclining in electric cylinders connected to the system

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