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Gates segment

Save place

Now you have more space in the garage. The gate of the skrętnymi springs you can mount up to cover plates with a height of 10 cm. Saved the space under the ceiling, you can take advantage of it the way you want.

Save power

Without undue effort, slightly, you can open and close the gate manually. Her fluid movement and trouble-free operation is a standard to which the przywykniesz easily.

You gain additional capabilities

In the gate with skrętnymi springs you can apply transitional doors. Convenient solution for communication, without having to open the entire gate.

You feel safe

Torsion springs are secure and reliable mechanism in the gate, equipped with additional protection against uncontrolled opadnięciem coat. It's 100% certainty in any situation.

Gates Rollet


Comfortable handling equipment provides a gate in the actuator. Roletowa Gateway only has electric drive in the basic package is free of charge. Control is via the circuit breakers: internal and external on the key. By ordering additional remote control remote control, regardless of the auras, comfortably and safely drive to the garage. In the event of a power failure, you can open the gate by hand using a crank.


Saving space in the garage and driveway ensures compact design Gates: no ceiling guides and vertical keeping of the mantle. Now saved space on the ceiling, you can take advantage of it the way you want.


The appropriate level of interior lighting and energy saving in a dark room (for example in the garage without Windows) can be obtained by mounting in the gate glazing profiles. The lower Chamber gasket, seals and attached brush seal screwed to the cover plates guarantee less heat losses in the garage.


Use protection system guarantees the photoelectric cells, emergency brake, and optical safety Strip -Thanks to such mechanisms work gateway is under strict control. Emergency brake is fitted as standard to all the gates above the 9 m 2, with the surface, smaller can be equipped with additional safety brake.

Gates tilting

Economical and proven

Our gate NOVUM is the cheapest in its class hinged gate available on the market! Simple, traditional design solutions guarantee a low price, and reliable operation confirmed by satisfied customers.


Efficient use of guarantees and the take-up Springs team self-adjusting rollers. Closing and opening the gate runs reliably, easily and confidently.


Safe use guarantees the team used chassis Springs screening. Two-point, locking the gate closing certainty always gives a clicker, so increases the safety of property.


Long-term use of the gate ensures replacement of welding process are. In all hinged doors door frames are bolted from the closed steel profiles, galvanized, thus eliminated the possibility of any outbreaks.

Global warming, with or without

Better thermal insulation and acoustic insulation in the room provides a warming gates and security from the inside of the PVC panels. While the version without warming an affordable solution for unheated garages.

Gates tilt


The structure of the gate is made of galvanized components, which ensures long use without maintenance.


Certain and easy closing of the room provides a gateway equipment bolts self-locking clips that automatically block the wings in two points.


The gate you can insulate, mount in her transitional doors or grilles.