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Redan MB 77-HST

Doors-sliding has been raised are ideal as a superstructure that connects the rooms or winter gardens with the environment, provide convenient exit on a balcony, terrace or open space. Provide a very good contact with the environment, and in the open position does not take place in the Interior of the room, which further raises the comfort of use. System MB-77HS It belongs to the products with the best performance and meets all the requirements for this group of products. It has two different thermal insulation construction variants: ST and HI. Construction profiles allows you to perform exclusive doors of large dimensions, glass-filled one-or dwukomorowym, and the materials and technical solutions help achieve a high degree of thermal and acoustic protection. Thanks to its characteristics, this system is perfect both in single-family houses and apartments or hotels.

The advantages of the system

  • durable and slender profiles allow for the construction of low-threshold doors weighing 400 kg to the wing up to 3.2 m and width to 3.3 m
  • frames are available in two versions: the 2 and 3-rail
  • The depth of the structural properties of the door is: 77 mm (wing), 174 mm (2-frame rail).
  • the ranges of possible zaszklenia the thickness of the door wing glass-13.5 to 58.5 mm. wide range of zaszklenia allows the Assembly of all common types of double Chamber shaft on the market, or acoustic panelling.
  • glazing beads in three versions: Standard, appearance (rectangular), Prestige (rounded) and Style (clips)
  • High water tightness and air it is possible to achieve thanks to the special shape of seals przymykowej and przyszybowej and okuciom for drooped wings on frame in the final stage of sealing the wing door.
  • MB-system 77HS is compatible with other systems of Aluprof's, especially with MB-86.

The properties of the the system

  • high thermal insulation: Uf from 1.4 W/(m ²)
  • glazing thickness: 13.5 to 58.5 mm
  • Air permeability: class 4, EN 12207
  • water resistance: class 9A, EN 12208
  • resistance to wind load: class C4, EN 12210