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Warm installation

Windows and doors are considered to be the most important element in determining the parameters of the energy efficiency of our homes or apartments, because usually we devote a lot of attention to an assessment of their thermal parameters and comparing with other producers, forgetting the equally important stage of implementation, which is mounting.


Three-ply mounting system widely known as Warm in a rapid pace has gained positive feedback and a group of supporters. Its use is for several years when mounting the fenestration in the countries of Western Europe, and now it is even mandatory. Although it is relatively rare in our country says about correct fitting and repairing Windows and doors.

Therefore, as an innovative manufacturer of window and door joinery-door, for mounting of our products is in this system.

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  • Ciepły montaż
  • Ciepły montaż
  • Ciepły montaż


Hot technology Assembly involves using three layers of specific properties, hence its name – a genuine three-tier installation. Outer layer-paroprzepuszczalna, protects against weathering and provides tight protection against run-off and allows at the same time, the diffusion of water vapour. In its implementation uses a flexible polyurethane sealing tape and vapour permeable foil. The middle layer between the frame and the wall is filled with insulating material.

To create the inner layer, it is necessary to foil made of reinforced aluminium foil vapour filter FLOSS & sera. It is fixed by using strapping butyl (for walls) and Scotch tape (frames). This room is virtually airtight. The interaction of all three layers in accordance with the principle of the integrity of the "szczelniej inside than outside" provides a firm and tight embedding window and door joinery.

The purpose of the application of

The primary purpose of this Assembly is to improve energy efficiency parameters, by eliminating thermal bridges thermal insulation layer protection against degradation and elimination of przewiewów. Insulation protection against humidity, along with the provision of its ventilation, allows you to keep the product in the dry state.

This is an excellent alternative for universal mounting methods in Poland still fenestration, based on the foam and silicon, which can lead to the formation of thermal bridges, heat loss and moisture insulation. Negative effects can in this case, the rising heating costs and the risk of the emergence of a very dangerous for the health of zagrzybienia.