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Unique properties

Thanks to new technology

REDAN GENEO PHZ an unusual innovation in the field of window technique due to the innovative material, from which it is built. Along with a special insert docieplającą is an undisputed leader in its class in terms of energy efficiency. Thanks to Windows FTP GENEO REDAN to realize their dreams of comfort.

The advantages of the system

  • REHAU system RAU-FIPRO ®
  • material of the latest generation RAU-FIPRO ® used in aviation and formula 1
  • the extremely smooth surface of profiles with HIGH DEFINITION FINISHING
  • System 6 cell built for 86 mm
  • a special insole docieplająca increasing the energy efficiency of the profile
  • dedicated 3 glazing packages Ug=0.5 W / m2K 4/16/4/16/4 with THERMAL IMAGING
  • increased safety thanks to its excellent okuciom MACO MULTI MATIC
  • the anti-break, Elevator wings and lock wrong order
  • anti-burglar door handles made in innovative technology SECUSTIC HANDLES
  • the MD system with Central gasket (third seal)
  • heat transfer coefficient Uf = 0.79 W/m2(K)
  • heat transfer coefficients of the reference window, 1230 x 1480 Uw = 0,7 W/m2(K)
  • energy savings to 76% (when replacing old Windows, wooden or plastic, with a coefficient of transmittance Uw = 2.7 w/m2K)
  • "Golden line" distinguishing Windows REDAN
  • podparapetowa Strip for easy mounting internal and external sills all seals in color white

The properties of the the system

  • the system extremely stable window profiles without steel reinforcement
  • excellent stability of the profiles is obtained through the use of innovative composite material RAU-FIPRO and perfect design of profiles and reinforcements integrated system (IVS)
  • excellent thermal insulation profiles system for eligible low and passive houses
  • a small package height profiles (115 mm) facilitates the efficient extraction of heat and sunlight
  • no need for reinforcement of steel allows you to improve production and storage
  • lower the weight of the components (up to 40%) facilitates the production and Assembly of finished parts
  • function Chamber allows for optimization of thermal parameters through the use of additional thermal insulation inserts
  • a wide notch glass (66 mm) allows for the use of thermal insulation, insulating glass packages double Chamber with a coefficient of heat transmission Services from 0.4 up to 0.7 W/m2 K
  • water tightness class 9A (PN-EN 122,008)
  • the new shape of seals has allowed to reduce the forces needed for closing and opening Windows
  • profiles are environmentally friendly and can be recycled