Window roller shutters

Roller shutters are designed to improve the energy balance of the building.

Window roller shutters

Vegas Revo is one of the most recognisable systems of external top mounted roller shutters on the market.

The system has been designed based on the many years of experience and guidance from specialists in the shading industry.
It considers the needs and requirements of today’s market.

Thanks to this and numerous innovative solutions introduced during many years of presence on the market, the VEGAS REVO system has gained the trust of customers and major companies in the industry.


The Revo system offers three sizes of shutter boxes:

  • 165 mm x 240 mm (height x width)
    • 205 mm x 240 mm (height x width)
    • 260 mm x 240 mm (height x width)

In addition, Revo system offers two options for mounting the roller shutter box on the window frame:

  • using universal PVC adapters with a reinforced structure, suitable for any type of window frame profile
    • using one of five dedicated aluminium adapters chosen to match particular window frame profiles

In the case of the PVC adapter, the shutter is mounted on a window with a just a click of the shutter box on a mounting profile previously screwed to the upper surface of the frame.
In the case of aluminium adapters, the roller shutter is connected to the window by sliding the box over the aluminium adapter previously screwed to the window frame.

Each of the boxes, depending on the needs or preferences, can be equipped with two types of revision access: from the bottom or from the front.

Revo Roller shutter boxes with dimensions (205 x 2400 mm and (260 x 240) mm (when mounted on a universal PVC adapter) can also be equipped with an insect screen curtain integrated in the box.

The insect screen curtain is equipped with a brake preventing it from rapid rolling up inside the roller shutter and it can be locked in the bottom position with a bottom lath easyclick blockade.

Revo system employs a unique solution of divided insect screen curtain, which allows for creation of any number of independent windings of mosquito nets in one box and a single roller shutter curtain.

Vegas Revo system allows for easy adaptation to individual needs: it enables implementation of fully or partially built-in top-mounted roller shutters, as well as mounting them uncovered.


Distinctive features of Revo system:

  • excellent thermal insulation properties owing to the use of high-quality Styrofoam inserts or Neopor insulation
    • revision access on both sides
    • possibility of using a set of roller shutters in one box with any configuration of drives (motor/belt/crank) and divisions (shared/ independent)
    • wide range of colours of wood-like veneers to choose from
    • possibility of anchoring the upper profile of the box to the lintel along the entire width of the shutter, which ensures secure fixing of the shutter-window unit in the architectural reveal.
    • excellent winding capacity of boxes: up to 400 mm (for 260 mm box); up to 355 cm (205 mm box); and up to 200 cm (165 mm box)

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