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Shutters provide excellent protection against too strong sunlight of the premises, and their application gives the façade a distinctive appearance. The design consists of a frame filled with obliquely arranged lamellas or panels. Thanks to the fact that its elements are made of aluminum are very resistant to weather conditions and for many years do not require any restoration, which distinguishes them from design constructed from PVC or wood. Frame profiles are slim and light, however, have adequate stiffness, which allows you to perform both screens on the Windows and patio doors. Aluprof shutters MB-SUNSHADES for people looking for practical solutions, while at the same time. It can be colour-matched to the elevation or to the Windows, you can also use them as accents on the background of the façade.

Due to the possibilities afforded by the technique of performing dekoracyjnoochronnych coating aluminum shutters MB-SUNSHADES ideal for use in various types of construction: in buildings with traditional building very well look like wood-texture structures will, in modern homes optimal color may be a combination of structures with soft colours, identical with Windows, especially impressive when the window joinery and door is made of aluminium.

The advantages of the system

  • Shutters MB-SUNSHADES it a unique visual effect and effective sun protection.
  • Rich design and colors, all the colors are available with special coatings RAL ATEC and a full range of wood colours from the palette by ADEC.
  • Two variants of the structure fills: cellular structure or fixed panel.
  • Fixing by means of a hinge that allows you to assemble in front of the façade, with her zlicowane, or inside the window opening.

The properties of the the system

  • Lightweight and durable construction okiennicy, in which you can apply as a fill both aluminium lamellas and Panel disc with the possibility of additional strengthening using a steel rod.
  • The maximum dimensions of the shutters 1.2 x 2.5 m allow you to use them not only in the standard window openings but also in larger for example. door.
  • Available in the hinges allow you to apply different solutions closed shutters: they can be made before the façade, flush it or placed deeper into its slot door.