Shopping procedure

The procedure (only for customers holding or seeking the status of a dealer)

The implementation of trade deals with the Department of production preparation PPHU "REDAN". Open from Monday to Friday from 8.00-16.00. PPHU "REDAN" only accepts orders in writing (fax or email) in which the specified are: amount, type of goods. Orders from customers are processed at the time of the advance payment on account of the ordered goods in the amount of 30% of the order value. The order the item is treated as a liability to his pickup. At the time of the execution of the contract is issued. After acceptance of your order sent is the valuation of the amount that should be sent by the recipient. In the absence of a payment order is not carried out. The basis for the dispatch of the goods is receipt of the deposit or payment on delivery.

When you first purchase it is necessary to present the following documents:

  • a copy of the entry in the commercial register or a certificate of business confirmed less than 3 months before buying,
  • a copy of the document give VAT and statistical number (REGON).

Delivery of the goods

  • delivery is provided by LTD. "REDAN"
  • delivery of above 300 km are delivered only upon orders in excess of 5000 PLN net per transport
  • transport costs shall be defrayed by the PPHU "REDAN"
  • It is possible to receive the goods on its own

Personal reception of the goods

Can pick up the only person named in the registration document of the company or with the current (not older than 3 months) the power of attorney signed by the person/s listed in the extract from the commercial register or in the certificate of registration in the register of economic activities. PPHU "REDAN" reserves the right to verify the authenticity of telephone orders and powers of attorney. The issue of goods in stock for a company is from 7.00-15.00.

Reclaiming supplies

Complaints regarding non-compliance with the invoice delivery (document DELIVERY) shall be adopted not later than at the time of receipt of goods. In the case of a mismatch between the amount of the goods and the invoice (document DELIVERY), the recipient is obliged to draw up a protocol of complaint involving suppliers and notify by telephone and in writing (fax) LTD. "REDAN".


To receive from the company LTD. "REDAN" price list, contact the sales department.


The only basis for the enforcement of the customer's warranty rights is the original invoice. Our company operates throughout the year, various kinds of promotional campaigns. There is a possibility of price negotiations.

Documents needed to start a business relationship with PPHU "REDAN"

The economic activity of individuals and civil partnerships

  • D & C
  • entry in the register of economic activities

Company commercial law

  • D & C
  • commercial register (not older than 3 months)


Any questions regarding the terms of cooperation please contact Sales Department.