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Warm assembly

Windows and doors are considered the most important element affecting the energy efficiency parameters of houses or flats. Therefore, facing the choice of joinery, we usually pay a lot of attention to assessing their thermal parameters and comparing offers from different manufacturers, at the same time often omitting the equally important stage of implementation, which is assembly.

The main purpose of such assembly is to improve energy efficiency parameters by eliminating thermal bridges, protecting the thermal insulation layer against degradation and eliminating drafts. This type of installation is an excellent alternative to the method based on foam and silicone, which is still common in Poland and can lead to heat loss or dampness of the insulation layer. As a result, the negative effects may include increasing heating costs and the risk of the appearance of fungus that is dangerous to health

The technology of warm assembly consists in the use of three layers with strictly defined names, hence its alternative name – three-layer assembly.

The outer layer – vapour-permeable, protects against weather conditions and provides tight protection against rainwater, while allowing diffusion of water vapor. For its implementation, a flexible vapor-permeable foil and polyurethane sealing tape are used.
The middle layer (between the frame and the wall) is filled with thermal insulation material.

To create the inner layer, a vapor barrier foil made of aluminum foil reinforced with non-woven fabric is necessary. It is fixed with butyl tape (to walls) and self-adhesive tape (to frames). Thanks to this, the room is almost hermetic.

The interaction of all three layers in accordance with the principle of tightness “tighter inside than outside” ensures permanent setting of window and door joinery.