The Z90 BOX facade Venetian blind are designed for flush mounting, made of extruded aluminium with the revision lid that enabling easy access and assembly. All lamellas are profiled inwards on both sides, owing to which they have gained increased stiffness.


Main features

• cassette for flush mounting  partly made of extruded aluminium (BOX 1, 2) or fully extruded aluminium (BOX 3, 4, 5)
• cassette extension for flush mounting
• variant of BOX 2 and BOX 4 cassettes with lintel insulation
• Z-shaped lamellas for enhanced shading.
• profile for quiet operation of system when closing
• smooth control of tilt angle of lamellas allows for easy adjustment of light intensity
• zinc and aluminium alloy pins
• any textile parts resistant to stretching, rubbing, and UV radiation, Kevlar reinforced ladder
• electric drive (wire or wireless control)
• can be painted in any colour from the RAL palette

opis techniczny

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