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We introduce the new quality of steel doors from NOVA collection

NOVA door

NOVA is a collection of aluminium and steel exterior door that combines excellent technical parameters with vast arrangement possibilities. The collection includes 39 predefined models available with a wide range of RAL mat structure colours.


The structure of NOVA doors is made of an aluminium frame with a 77 mm thick thermal break. The leaf is made of steel sheet filled with a panel made of extruded PU foam and a unit of triple glazing. The standard accessories include an automatic three-point lock which, owing to three points of action, makes the door resistant to water and wind. The high parameter of watertightness makes it possible to install the NOVA door even in areas without roofing, without any concern for its strength and durability.


  1. 1. Door leaf 78 mm thick — steel, with a thick rebate, infilled with a PU board and a laminated timber rail and stile
  2. 2. Aluminium door frame is made of 77 mm thick three-chamber profiles with a thermal break
  3. 3. Black plastic threshold as standard, an aluminium threshold with a thermal break available as an optional accessory
  4. 4. Automatic three-point lock without the day latch function with three strike plates enabling simple adjustment; optionally a lock with the Autotronic electric motor
  5. 5. A broad range of handles and pulls made of stainless steel or in black
  6. 6. Standard lock cylinder with three keys in stainless steel colour, optionally in black
  7. 7. Three hinges adjustable in three planes
  8. 8. anti-theft striker plates — 6 pieces as standard
  9. 9. Sealing in the leaf around the entire perimeter and an additional one in the opening frame
  10. 10. Double-chamber safety glass with black warm edges recessed in the leaf lining In the leaf. Double-chamber safety glass with a black warm edge in sidelights.
  11. 11. Colours — leaf made of galvanised and powder coated sheet in dedicated RAL colours (mat structure), also available in HI 2.0 and Decor colours, or veneer foil with timber effect
  12. 12. Day latch function buttons (optional accessory)
  13. 13. Access control systems (optional accessory)
  14. 14. Door closer concealed in the door leaf (optional accessory)


System: AW
Installation depth: 77 mm
Panel type: leaf 78 mm thick, stainless steel, infilled with extruded PU foam and a laminated timber rail and stile
Glazing in the panel: two-chamber safety glass 72 mm thick, UG=0.5 W/m2K with warm edge spacers as standard
Thermal insulation: UD from 0.87 W/m2K for solid doors with external dimensions of (1 180 x 2 350) mm
Maximum dimensions: up to (1 180 x 2 350) mm

NOVA Collection


Striving to meet the needs of customers who expect a durable, aesthetic, and original look, we offer a wide range of colours.

As a result, we offer a wide choice of colours of doors to match the facade, windows, or other finishing elements.

The variety of finishing techniques make NOVA doors look unique. We achieve excellent visual effects by painting the door in mat colours from RAL or DECOR patterns, alternatively, choosing a veneering creates visually attractive structures.

We reserve the right to make technical changes. This publication does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code and depends on individual arrangements.

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