MB-SR50N facade system

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MB-SR50N facade system

The MB-SR50N mullion & transom glass cladding system is used to make suspended and filling light curtain walls, roofs, skylights, and other spatial structures. In line with the current trends in architecture. It makes it possible to receive a flush surface of mullions and transoms inside of the facade and variety of visual effects on the outside. This system also serves as the basis for the increased thermal insulation version, which is MB-SR50N HI +, and other fire protection solutions. It also fits a variety of window designs: tilt-and-slide, roof and, façade embedded windows. Owing to the wide range of solutions based on MB-SR50N façade, architects and designers can implement even the most daring ideas in the realm of aluminium and glass structures.


Main features

  • angular connections enabling free shaping of aluminium structures
  • mullions and transoms with “sharp” edges allowing to construct supporting structures for façades with the appearance of a uniform truss
  • aesthetic variants of the façade and a number of overlay profiles in variety of shapes allow to choose from a variety of façade effects.
  • a wide range of opening elements in the façade: various types of windows and doors, including skylights, facade embedded windows, and MB-SR50N OW tilt and turn parallel opening windows
  • a wide range of glazing and an array of available insulations and accessories allow to receive a high level of thermal insulation of the façade
  • possibility of bending profiles and making arch structures


  • mullion depth: from 50 mm to 325 mm
  • transom depth: from 5 mm to 189.5 mm
  • high thermal insulation: UF from 0.94 W/(m²K)
  • glazing thickness: from 24 mm to 56 mm
  • air permeability: AE 1050, EN 12152
  • water tightness: RE 1200, EN 12154
  • impact resistance: I5/E5, EN 14019

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