The MB-WG60 Winter Garden System meets the highest requirements in terms of thermal insulation of profiles, water tightness and air permeability. It guarantees proper ventilation with the use of appropriate ventilation devices, regardless of weather conditions.


The main idea of the system is to provide the possibility of building an independent integrated roof structure from thermally insulated aluminium profiles. The aluminium and glass roof consists of rafters and purlins with the characteristic shape of an inverted T letter supported by continuous eaves beam and wall plate profiles. The whole structure rests on post profiles. Such an idea makes it possible to build a structural frame of a winter garden with the possibility of filling vertical walls with windows and doors independently, and to shape even the most complex roof geometry.
The eaves beam and the wall plate profiles make the structural basis of the roof. They have been designed in the form of joints on which the roof structure rests giving possibility to incline the roof surface from 5 to 45 degrees.
The highest parameters have been achieved owing to the use of thermal insulation made of polyamide strips of appropriate width, and their location in the cross-section of profiles in a way they form a continuous strip of insulation for the entire roof thus ensuring high temperatures on the internal surfaces of aluminium profiles. High thermal insulation is also ensured in the corner wall-roof area of a glazing unit by use of dedicated HPVC profiles, used to fix the glazing profile without limiting the glazing thickness. The HPVC profile also enables an easy application of stepped glazing with extended outer panes, which is essential for roofs with small inclination angles. To ensure effective drainage of rainwater from the roof and proper ventilation, a system of cascading rafter and purlin profiles and rotary eaves beam and wall plate profiles have been introduced. This solution facilitates easy installation and simple workshop processing of the rafters.
The eaves beam profile is equipped with an integral internal gutter to prevent vapour condensation on the inside surface of glazing units. Total water tightness and air tightness was received through introduction of continuous EPDM membranes, which at the same time prevent the outside cold air from reaching the inner surfaces of aluminium profiles. The external gutter profile in the MB-WG60 system is independently attached to the eaves beam. This facilitates preparation of profiles with thermal break and also allows for creation of any gutter shape, depending on customer requirements.


We reserve the right to make technical changes. This publication does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code and depends on individual arrangements.

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