This Winter Garden System was created in the form of a structure that allows direct contact of users with nature and the surrounding landscape. This design is to provide a new quality of life in the living quarters and natural lighting. In the traditional sense, a winter garden is an unheated veranda is used in the spring and summer season, allowing you to rest close to nature. Our goal was to design such a system that could be used as a living room throughout the calendar year.


TS Veranda series winter gardens are characterised by high quality, durability, and aesthetics. In our work, we are guided by our own experience, knowledge and care about customer satisfaction. We strive to meet the customers’ individual needs and expectations concerning the shape and implementation of winter gardens.
Winter gardens provide the possibility to stay close to nature enjoying it all year round, regardless of the season and weather. The aluminium design offered by the TS Veranda product line is stable and durable. Our consultants and designers make every effort to ensure that it fits well and matches the architecture of the building, creating a harmonious whole. Our priority is to carefully design and construct winter gardens ensuring their life-long functionality.
A winter garden is a facility full of sunshine, vegetation, and with a specific atmosphere. You can arrange there a room perfect for relaxation and thus enlarge the living space of the house. Winter gardens can fulfil various functions, e.g., an orangery for the cultivation of thermophilic plant species or a living room filled with light and providing a view of the garden.


We reserve the right to make technical changes. This publication does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code and depends on individual arrangements.

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