SkyRoll screen-type sunshades
screen 5x5


The SkyRoll screen-type sunshades make a very functional solution readily used both in public utility buildings and in residential housing. The main advantage of this type of product is the protection of rooms and facilities against intense sunlight owing to the use of dedicated technical fabrics. In addition, they protect the interior from the gaze of unwanted people while providing a good view of the exterior. These solutions also provide an effective optical barrier for light penetrating into the interior of the room, minimising the glare effect that may arise on monitor screens. Owing to the appropriately selected fabric, they are also a stylish accessory that will make the building gain a unique character. It is worth remembering that a properly selected system of screen system can also serve as a mosquito screen, effectively protecting rooms from insects.


Available versions:

• SkyRoll ZIP is the latest generation system designed to darken rooms with large, glazed surfaces. The product is available in the flush-mounted, top-mounted, and adapting versions.  Maximum dimensions are (5 000 x 5 000) mm (16.0 m²).
• SkyRoll Classic is the most popular system in the family of external screen roller shutters. In this system there is no direct integration of the fabric with the guide channel. The product is available in the flush-mounted, top-mounted and adapting versions.  Maximum dimensions are (5 000 x 5 000) mm (16.0 m²).
• SkyRoll  Eco is a low-budget solution designed for less demanding investors. Its use is very simple and it does not require much effort. The product is available in the top-mounted and adapting versions. Maximum dimensions (2 000 x 2 500) mm.

Functionality and aesthetics:

• there are 3 versions of the system available: ZIP, CLASSIC, and ECO, tailored to the investors’ needs:
• the first screen system on the market which uses a cap solution that can be locked in the closed position for easy assembly, disassembly, and service access
• the well-thought-out design of the ZIP variant makes the fabric wind up not only on the roller reel, but also on the adapter when closing, which ensures better winding
• the use of a zipper mechanism in SkyRol Zip variant has allowed to directly integrate the fabric with the guide, which ensures resistance to wind and guarantees maximum tightness
• the use of ALU-CLICK mechanism in SkyRol Eco allows for comfortable and simple manual operation
• three installation options: adaptive, flush-mounted, and top-mounted

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