External roller shutters


External roller shutters

Roller shutters in adaptive systems are intended mainly for mounting in already existing buildings. The advantage of this products is undoubtedly that it is not dependant from the current condition of the building, as such shutters do not require special preparation for installation and they are not integrated with the window. As a result, the decision to install them can be made at any time.


The system elements made of high-quality metal sheet are characterised by increased resistance to abrasion and weather conditions. Well thought-out design of the roller shutters and appropriately selected materials provide effective protection against uninvited guests.

What is more, these products are characterised by good acoustic and thermal insulation qualities, allowing to significantly reduce heating costs in winter, and to protect the rooms for excess heat in summer.
Moreover, there is an insect screen, independent from the shutters system which provides  protection of the interior against insects, while providing air flow and natural lighting.

Depending on users’ needs, the roller shutters can be controlled: manually, with an electric drive (controlled by a wall-mounted transmitter or a remote control), and owing to smart technologies, by a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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