Sliding door with a concealed frame
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Redan aluminium


MB-SKYLINE TYPE R is a modern system of large-size sliding doors, characterised by its lightness and aesthetics. The system employs narrow profiles, owing to which the structures gains a modern look and provides a panoramic view of the house surroundings.



The main characteristics of the MB-SKYLINE TYPE R door, which the user will appreciate at their first glance, are: completely hidden door leaf profiles, thin post and door frame. Not much force needed to move large elements, and the whole mechanism works almost silently. The maximum height of the structure can be 4 m, and if we use a surface mounted actuator, the movable sash weight can be up to 700 kg. This makes it possible to design spectacular glass walls. Any door made in this system will give the building a unique style and raise the rank of the entire investment.

Functionality and aesthetics:

  • door frame is built into walls, floor, and ceiling
  • door leaf profiles completely concealed in the lower and upper frame
  • in the option with an actuator drive or where the locking mechanism is fitted to the mullion, the door leaf profiles are also invisible on the sides of the structure
  • the width of the mullion where the leaves meet is 25 mm
  • comfortable thin frame with a depth of 23 mm
  • max. weight of the manually opened leaf: 500 kg; with an actuator: 700 kg
  • glazing range: from 52 mm to 60 mm
  • structural depth of door: 71 mm for the leaf and 190 mm for the frame
  • door leaf made of modern insulating material with high thermal parameters
  • sliding sealing used in the frame: modern, aesthetic, and quiet during operation
  • rollers on which the leaf moves are available in stainless steel and black polyamide
  • manual locking with BT Lock hardware or fitted to the mullion
  • surface mounted motor equipped with a radio receiver and security radar
  • modern drainage system with a gutter system
  • system brackets with height adjustment
  • structural base with excellent thermal isolation
  • the system features a “zero mullion”, which makes it possible to use external venetian and roller blinds

We reserve the right to make technical changes. This publication does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code and depends on individual arrangements.

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