Door and window system without thermal insulation
Redan aluminium


MB-45 is a modern aluminium system used for interior and exterior architectural constructional elements of windows that do not require thermal insulation. It covers manual and automatic sliding doors, swing doors, porch enclosures, display windows, glazed counters, showcases, and other spatial structures.

The structural depth of the window profiles is: 45 mm (frame) and 54 mm (sash). Such a sash and frame depth (in windows) and such a frame and leaf (in doors) result in flush outdoor surface when closed. This shape of profiles provides slender and durable window structures.


Main features

  • variety of functions and window opening types tailored to the users’ needs
  • large choice of door sealing variants as well as the shape and height of the door thresholds
  • three types of glazing beads: Standard, Prestige, and Style
  • possibility of bending profiles and making arch structures
  • possibility of glazing with glazing units in the range (2-32) mm
  • maximum window sash dimensions: height up to 2400 mm; length up to 1 250 mm
  • maximum window sash weight: 130 kg

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