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    The MB-86 window and door system stands for products with excellent parameters tailored to the variety of users’ needs. The structure of profiles comes in three versions depending on requirements concerning thermal energy savings:

    ST, SI, and AERO.

    MB-86 is the world’s first aluminium door and window system using air gel, which is a material with excellent thermal insulation. The advantages of the MB-86 system also include high strength of profiles enabling construction of large and heavy structures.


    Main features

    MB-86 Aluprof

    Windows, exterior doors

    Frame: 77 mm; sash: 86 mm

    Glazing thickness: frame: (13.5-61.5) mm, sash: (21-70.5) mm
    Possibility to use glazing with increased acoustic insulation qualities, toughened, safe, anti-burglary, ornamental, or anti-sun glass.

    ROTO AL DESIGNO, ALU KARO, FAPIM GALICUBE. Window hardware equipped with a mishandling device, a sash lift*, and micro-ventilation in the scissor stay**
    *Depending on the height of the window
    **For tilt and turn windows

    The window is equipped with EPDM double sealing system available in black colour

    The system is available in RAL and DECORAL colours

    For windows
    MB-86 AERO Uw from 0.72 W/(m²K)*
    *For opening window MB-86 Aero with dimensions (1.7 x 2.1) m, glazing coefficient UG = 0.5 W/(m²K)

    For doors
    MB-86 ST from 2.16 W/(m²K)
    MB-86 SI from 1.76 W/(m²K)
    MB-86 SI+ from 1.49 W/(m²K)
    MB-86 AERO from 1.22 W/(m²K)


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