Profit 70

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Profit 70

Profit 70 — More than standard

All features of exclusive systems now available in Profit 70 system.

In this modern window system, the optimal installation depth of 70 mm brings significant savings on heating costs. Owing to the wide range of possible thickness of combinations, this system can meet the highest requirements of thermal and acoustic insulation.


Main features

PVC system provider: Profine, profiles Trocal 70

Windows, exterior doors, sliding door

70 mm, 5 chambers

Glazing thickness up to 44 mm.
The standard includes a single chamber glazing with heat transfer coefficient UG = 1.1 W/(m2K) acc. to PN-EN674.
Possibility to use glass with increased acoustic insulation qualities, toughened, safe, anti-burglary, ornamental, or anti-sun glass.


MACO MULTI MATIC KS. The window is equipped with a mishandling device, a sash lifter*, and micro-ventilation in the scissor stay**.

*Depending on the height of the window 
**for tilt and turn windows

The window is equipped with EPDM double sealing system available in black or grey colour.

The system is available only in white

Depends on the applied glazing

UW = 1.3 W/(m2K) with steel reinforcement, for glazing with UG = 1.1 W/(m2K) filled with argon, with aluminium spacers*

*For a window with dimensions of (1 230 x 1 480) mm


Choose color

The colours presented in the visualisations may differ from the actual ones, which may result from difference in parameters of monitors, such as: colour temperature, resolution, etc. The actual colours can be viewed on the colour chart available at our stationary points.

Profit 70

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