The MB-SR50N EFEKT mullion & transom glass cladding system is used to make suspended and filling light curtain walls, roofs, skylights, and other spatial structures. Its load-bearing structure is based on the modern and proven MB-SR50N aluminium mullion and transom system. This system offers a wide range of profiles to choose from. It provides the possibility to select profiles to receive a flush surface of mullions and transoms inside of the facade. This aesthetic solution creates a perfect match with the elements of the interior of the building.


MB-SR50N EFEKT is a facade based on a special system of mullions and transoms fixing glass panes. This system provides a visually uniform on the outside smooth glass curtain divided by a structure of vertical and horizontal lines, two centimetres wide. The gaps between the glass panels of the facade are filled with a special silicone binder, which ensures high tightness of the structure and increases its insulation properties.
One of the main advantages of the MB-SR50N EFEKT façade are its extensive glazing options: the wide range of fillings available in the catalogue includes single or double-chamber glazing and opaque panels based on insulated glass. A real novelty and undoubtedly a hit in this type of facades is the possibility to use laminated glass based glazing. A precisely developed system of fastening the filling panels allows to adjust to the technical requirements of an individual project, both in economical and technical terms. It offers a variety of glazing possibilities depending on glazing and makes possible the transfer of load from panels to profiles up to 450 kg. There are two standard variants of glazing fixing at our disposal: with the use of a frame or fixing points, which allow for optimisation of the production process and the price. Another great advantage of the system is the fact that it has received recommendations of three leading global suppliers of construction weather-resistant silicones: Dow Corning, Sica, and Tremco-Ilbruck. It not only increases the prestige of this solution but ensures and guarantees the durability and tightness of the structure, as well as easy access to technology used by glazing companies. It is also worth mentioning that this system provides the possibility of using silicones in various colours. It significantly extends the spectrum of aesthetic possibilities envisaged for the facade.
Curtain walls constructed with MB-SR50N EFEKT system have excellent performance parameters. They allows to obtain not only the desired visual effect of the facade, but also very high thermal insulation, which, due to the strong, global trend aiming to reduce building energy consumption, is one of the main criteria for modern curtain wall appraisal.
• Air permeability: class AE 1200 Pa
• Watertightness: class RE 1200 Pa
• Wind load resistance: up to 2400 Pa
• Impact resistance: class I5/E5

We reserve the right to make technical changes. This publication does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code and depends on individual arrangements.

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